Shercom - A Friend in the Business Providing Consultancy Services

Do you ever get the feeling that your computer systems are a black hole for money? They just take up time and effort and don't really pay back in the ratio that you would like. Most likely you just need to know how to apply what you already have.


Shercom's IT consultancy services are special in that we don't push you to invest in new infrastructure. We spend time working with the newest fads so that we can tell you what works. You can be sure our advice is independent as we do not sell any hardware or software (except the online backups).


Translating Tech to English

It is hard to keep on top of all the technical aspects of a project. We have three major benefits that we can provide that will help you get the best for your project

  • Our project management experience means we know how to deal with big and small projects

  • Our IT background means we know what your technical vendors are talking about – and when they are just using jargon

  • Our training background means we can translate that jargon into plain English.

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