Shercom - Providing Firewall and Internet Security

Shercom is here to provide for all your network backup and security needs. While our online backup solution ensures your files are safely backed up our security services ensure that the information stays completely in your control.


Firewall Configuration and Monitoring

Implementing a proper firewall can be quite a daunting task and must be maintained to ensure your security is maintain. Our prices start at €800 per month for the configuration and monitoring of your firewall and security logs. Each site is different however so please contact us for a full quote.


Network Security Audit

Shercom can provide you with a security audit that checks the safety and security of your computer systems. Each report will provide you with detailed guidelines and highlight the security issues that were detected.


SSL Certificates

As e-commerce transactions increase and organizations bring more services online, security plays an increasingly critical role within organizations of all sizes. SSL Certificates are now an essential operational requirement for all organizations that have an online presence.