Why Shercom? - Why Secure Online Backups?

Shercom (formed in 1999) was one of the first companies in Ireland to provide an online backup service. We have an extensive knowledge of the issues involved and understand how it needs to fit your business needs. We understand that you have 1001 things to do and backups often get missed.

Part of our core philosophy is that we take care of all our customers as if they were friends or family members.

There are numerous things that make us special:

  • We install the software for you and ensure that everything is working correctly.

  • We ensure that the backups keep working and call you if there are issues.

  • We provide free advice and support.

  • We will be there for you in your moment of need. We will help you to restore the files when they are needed.

  • We DON’T charge for multiple licenses – this means you can backup an office full of laptops in the one account. The price is based purely on the space required.

All this at the best price we can provide (and we charge our family the same prices).

What some more advantages of working with us?

- Low setup costs - You don't need to spend thousands of Euros on backup servers, tape drives and tapes at over 30 euros each.

- You save a fortune on personnel costs. Even 12 minutes a working day adds up to 52 hours of lost productivity. Add to this the issues with testing tapes, finding them when you need them and taking them offsite - Shercom's solution is soon an easy choice.

- You're protected from data disaster - or as we like to put it “We protect your Ass(ets)”. A fire or burglary is bad enough but imagine trying to start your business without the important data your have on the PC. Would you be able to invoice your customers? Could you wait three weeks for new PCs to be delivered?

- Your data is secure - Are your tapes secure? Can you be sure that a disgruntled ex-employee has not taken a copy with him to his new employer? How valuable are your customer lists, pricing strategies or internal e-mails?

- There are numerous extra options that are not possible with tapes - access everywhere, instant access to old files and of course - assistance from the Shercom Support Team.