How It Works

Online backups are such a simple yet powerful idea that it's easy to wonder why anyone would bother doing anything else.


Put simply it means that backups of your files are made "online" on servers that are outside of the premises where the original files are stored. Due to the high encryption level they are perfectly secure - so secure that if you lose your key we have no way of unlocking them - and yet you can easily recover them from almost any PC.


With Shercom's Backup solution your most important documents are safe from disaster. The software makes a copy of the files, encrypts them and stores them on our server - away from harm.


The software has a built in scheduler so that backups can be run automatically whenever you choose. At the time chosen the software compresses and encrypts any changes you have made and transmits them to our main datacenter. For large files this can mean big savings - only the changes need to be transferred. If backup files are required the software can be used to recover them - the magic being that even old versions can be recovered. No more panic when the sales overview document was changed at some stage and no one knows when.


Benefits to you

  • Your live data is physically separated from your backup data

  • The process is fully automated so you can concentrate on your core business

  • The backup reports are monitored by Shercom so errors will be highlighted very quickly

  • Comprehensive daily reports are produced so you can have an easy overview of the status

  • Pricing is very competitive and much cheaper than tape drive systems

  • Employees are no longer tied up in performing backup procedures

  • Full backups complete faster than with tape drives so there are no issues of files being out of sync

  • Data can be restored to any machine without extensive advance preparation - unlike with tape systems