Shercom - A friend in the business

Shercom is here to provide for all your network backup and security needs. Our online backup solution provides an easy, reliable and secure way to make sure your data is safe. Daily reports and technical support from Shercom means you are in safe hands.

Online backups are a simple solution to a serious problem. Making proper backups is not as easy as it might first sound. Tapes wear out very quickly and even though the tape backup software might say 'complete' it's not always true. External disks and USB sticks are a security nightmare and if a PC is stolen, the backups get taken at the same time!

The setup for our easy backup solution is simple (and we’ll do it for you for FREE - just call us)

Step 1 - Download and install the software
Step 2 - Choose your username and password
Step 3 - Follow the simple wizard